Artist Statement:

As an artist, I strive to create and magnify beauty, to capture breathless moments suspended in time; the gentlest opening of a flower aglow with translucent light.”
About The Artist:

My art reflects my life’s journey. Born and raised in Colorado, I have been creating art from the time I was a child. Throughout the years I’ve worked in many different mediums, including watercolor, oil, pastel, silk painting, fabric arts and photography. I am also a practitioner in the Healing Arts and strive in my work to create art that carries a healing frequency for the viewer. I use the imagery of flowers which carry a very high vibration and colors that soothe the spirit.
In my current works, I’ve drawn from all of the different mediums I’ve worked with over the years to create something completely unique. My mixed media creations are multi-layered, comprised of delicate flowers poised against pastel, oil and watercolor backgrounds. Using a process I call “photo-fusion”, the images are merged and magnified to create a profound impact. A final layer is then added using pastel and acrylic. Each piece is an original.




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