The Book


The Spirit of Everything

Awakening to a Miraculous Life

Greetings! Namaste! Soul Traveler! The Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you, for we are all soul travelers on this journey called life. Each one of us is a temporary manifestation of the One Great Spirit that permeates all reality. We are here to bear witness and to honor the miracle of being alive; to share our gifts, to grow in awareness, and ultimately, to become conscious co-workers with God.

It is through us that the Creator wants to realize itself. As eternal beings, we exist within a dynamic interchange of energy and vibration; a great, etheric, creative Ocean of Consciousness and Love. People may refer to this ocean by many names such as God, the Creator, Source, the Universe, the Infinite Divine Spirit, or the Universal Life Force. Whatever one wants to call it, each one of us exists as a tiny droplet in this great ocean. It moves within and around us at all times and is completely accessible to assist us in all aspects of our lives. We are never separate from it, nor are we separate from each other. This is the great illusion that we must overcome.

Illuminating, self-empowering, and uplifting, The Spirit of Everything contains stories, spiritual insights, and techniques to access the Universal Spirit and create miracles in your life.



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